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At International Gate Devices we are committed to applying our 36 years of expertise to provide you with the best cantilever slide gates installed correctly every time. Our experienced team is at the ready to provide support for every step of the installation process. When it comes to bolt and weld-on track systems for cantilever sliding gates, we are the industry’s leading source. Our E/Z slide automatic gate systems are safe, reliable and will save you money in the long run. We understand the common pitfalls of automatic gate installation, and our dedicated team will be here to help you complete even the most challenging projects.

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Cantilevering is an architectural term that refers to supporting any horizontal object from a point but not from both ends such as the suspension-style Golden Gate Bridge. An automatic gate designed in this way will be suspended above the ground and the draw force, or weight of the gate bearing down on the track below, will be lessened. This reduction in friction means the motor of the automatic gate will last longer which means savings for you.


Why should you choose a sliding gate over a swing gate?

There are several reasons one might opt for a sliding gate in lieu of a swing gate that opens out like a door. Safety and space being among the chief concerns. A sliding automatic gate can be outfitted with several safety-enhancing features to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle, or harming children.


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Our E/Z slide automatic gate has no exposed rollers which protect against pinch points. Sliding gates are stately, and they don’t require the ample space required of a swing gate. They can be situated handsomely parallel to a fence, are easier to operate and less expensive.

Is a cantilever slide gate the same as a rolling gate?
They are similar in that they are space saving options when compared to swing gates. However, a rolling gate rests on wheels which are then rolled across the ground. The cantilevered gate is fixed with tracks, and the gate does not rest or come into contact with the ground. A rolling gate is a common choice for residential and some commercial areas because it requires a minimal amount of space.

While the cantilevered gate requires more space, it is the better choice when it comes to dealing with the nature of the ground and the environment. As a rolling gate rests along the ground a smooth flat surface is required for it to operate effectively. The wheels bare the full weight of the gate making the draw force heavier which makes uneven ground, pebbles, paving, water, grass, etc., potentially problematic. At International Gate Devices, we have every appurtenance you need to install a cantilevered automatic gate.




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What is an automatic gate?
An automatic gate is a gate that is operated by an electric-powered automatic gate operator. When using a manual gate, instead of an automatic gate for example, you are the gate operator. This can obviously be cumbersome because it requires a person, sometimes two, to operate. 

Depending on the type of gate, weather conditions and the evenness of the ground, the draw force can be great. An automatic gate, however, alleviates many of these particular problems. Each of the common gate types can be automated. For example you can have a swing automatic gate, a rolling automatic gate, or a cantilevered automatic gate. Cantilevering an automatic gate is an especially viable option as the reduced draw force extends the life of the motor.

It’s our mission to help you navigate the requirements needed to complete your plans and install your automatic gate. We at International Gate Devices have enjoyed serving you for the past 36 years. We are passionate about bringing you quality service and everything you need to install and maintain your automatic gate in the future.